Howard Watson Nature Trail

  • Continue the scraping and screening as required
  • Installation of multi-purpose signage and gates
  • Ensure the Trail remains intact and undisturbed by developmental pressure
  • Work with local environmental and youth organizations to coordinate clean-up of the trail through-out the year
  • Continue to develop linkages from the HWNT to community schools, parks and businesses.

Bluewater Trails Committee

  • Continue to promote healthy life style -participation in information fairs, seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • Continue to promote/fund-raise our memorial bricks and benches (see below)
  • Meet with City Staff to ensure trail development is included in City Official Plan
  • Organize “Bike Security” Areas at Canada Day and Artwalk and encourage other Event/Festival Organizers to do so as well
  • Work with Sarnia Police Department to discourage “Motorized Vehicles” on Trails
  • Ensure volunteers dedicated to trail maintenance and development are “Recognized”
  • Active Transportation Committee
  • Liaison with the Lambton County Active Transportation Committee and the Lambton County Regional Trail Committee