Resurfacing the Howard Watson Trail (watch video)

Watch a 2-minute video showing the resurfacing in action! Click on link below:



(above) The city, in concert with the Bluewater Trails Committee, is working to widen and smoothen portions of the Howard Watson trail. Here, just west of the Blackwell Road gateway, a work crew painstakingly applies fine screenings onto the trail. This creates a smooth, wider trail that is then  “rolled” to harden the surface.


(above) Before the fine topping is applied to the trail, the surface is scraped-down several inches to create a smooth, flat “bed” for the topping materials. This section is at the Modeland gateway facing east.



(above) Here at the Blackwell gateway, looking west, a roller sits idle at trailside while in the distance two workers use a dump truck to drop the topping materials onto the pre-excavated trail bed.




(above) A roller is used to pack-down the screenings here at the Blackwell gateway.




(above) The wider, flatter trail allows for greater accessibility to the HWNT, and encourages safe distances between various trail users (pedestrians, cyclists etc. )