Memorials / Donations

We deeply appreciate the generosity of our donors! (see list below)

Although the Committee receives some financial support from the city, most of what we have been able to achieve over the past several years has come from donations of both dollars and services from local business and individuals.

And now, you can donate online simply by clicking on the link below:

All donations over $10.00 will receive an Income Tax receipt from the City of Sarnia.  Our Bluewater Trails Committee can send an acknowledgement to the family. Donations can, of course, also be made anonymously.  Your loved one’s name will be listed here on the website. (if desired)

You will be supporting the Bluewater Trail’s mission to develop, maintain and promote the trails in the City of Sarnia. Gifts contribute to trail maintenance, projects and other  programs.

If you are interested in donating to Bluewater Trails please either use the direct link above for online donations, or contact Sarnia Community Services Attention: Ryan Chamney at 255 N. Christina Street, 3rd Floor or if you have any questions or wish additional information; 519-332-0330 Ext 202, Ryan Chamney

Buy a memorial bench!

Memorial benches are available, priced at $1500.00 per bench. Each bench is made of durable materials. The price includes the bench itself, a customized nameplate, installation and maintenance.

Benches make a perfect gift or reminder for any occasion- birthdays, graduation, an anniversary, a holiday gift, a birth or in memory of a loved one. By purchasing a bench from Bluewater Trails, you are contributing to further development, construction and maintenance of our Trail System in the City of Sarnia. Your Bench will be placed along the Bluewater Trail System at a suitable location.

If you are interested in purchasing a bench, call 519-332-0330 Ext 202 for more information.

Memorial Benches make a wonderful tribute to a loved one.

When you invest in the Bluewater Trails, you invest in your Community and in the families who live here.

We’d like to acknowledge our past contributors:

2015 Shell Canada $25,000
2014 Shell Canada $25,000
2014 Wawanosh Watercraft $200
2014 The Bicycle Shop $200
2014 Lanxess $5,000
2014 Donations (Bike Coral) $171
2013 Gino Disotto $200
2013 International Offshore Powerboat Races $200
2013 Dick Felton $100
2013 Shell Canada $25,000
2013 River Road Project Link to PDF of Letter
Link to PDF Map of Project
2011 Enbridge Pipelines Inc. $10,000