Read about the Ecological Significance of the Howard Watson Nature Trail in our What’s New section.

The Howard Watson Trail, part of the Bluewater Trails,  runs from Sarnia to Camlachie (at Mandaumin). It is a multi-use, non-motorised trail, 16 km in length.

Did you know? Until 1967, the Howard Watson trail was a rail line owned by CN Rail.  And from 1967 to 1982 it lay unused until a forward thinking Councillor by the name of Howard Watson approached Lambton Wildlife Inc (LWI) querying whether there would be interest in the land as a potential hiking trail.

Much back ‘n forth and short tempered debates ensued, between parties opposed to the idea and proponents of a trail. And after extraordinary effort by many individuals, we now enjoy the current day natural trail known as The Howard Watson Trail.

Bluewater Trails Committee, the caretakers of the trail, was formed in 1999. Its job is to oversee trails throughout Sarnia including The Howard Watson Trail. This committee is run by volunteers with representation by City Council (Mike Kelch) and two city staff.


Mission Statement: Bluewater Trails, a committee of Sarnia (City) Council, is an organization dedicated to the development of a first class trail system which will promote the health and safety of residents and visitors alike.